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'You know how it is in the kid's book world; it's just bunny eat bunny'.




In bright jellybean colours, here are two books in one; the surprising adventures of Henry, the 100 year old New Zealand Tuatara who will try anything -and, around the page margins, all the Tuatara information that any child could want.


Published by Craigs







An even better book. Henry gets out and about; from swimming with dolphins at Curio Bay in the Catlins to riding the famous Kingston Flyer, Henry covers all the great southern attractions. . . and you can’t have a Southland book without the Stags in it. With information around the margins of each page, once again this Henry book is like two in one. The previous book had information about Tuataras but this one is more about Southland.


Published by Craigs





Henry the Tuatara

‘This book uses a delightful bedtime story quality to educate both young and old about the Southland region through the eyes of our oldest resident, Henry the Tuatara.’

               Tim Shadbolt, Mayor of Invercargill, New Zealand 


‘The popularity of the Tuatara and its affinity to dinosaurs will catch the attention of young readers. This book is both educational and humorous.’

Lindsay Hazley QSM, Tuatarium Curator, Southland Museum 


‘The original and creative writing and engaging illustrations of an important and beloved icon appeal to a wide range of ages from children to grannies.’

Angela Newell, Creative Southland Coordinator 



Henry the Southern Man Tuatara

‘Henry the try-anything tuatara is back, energised, ‘macho’ and full of mischief in a whirlwind, hilarious tour of stunning Southland. Throw in the factual notes and it’s irresistible to young and old.’

Gerry Forde, Spirit of a Nation Brand Manager 


‘Again in bright jelly bean colours, Henry the Southern Man Tuatara is an even better book.’

Southland Times 

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