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About Lynley in a larger nutshell


Lynley is a writer and archivist.  She was born in Invercargill and attended Otago University where she completed an M.A. Hons in German in 1966.  At Southland Girls' and Southland Boys' High Schools she has taught German, French and English. She is a 'wannabe journalist' who has written over thirty articles of local historic interest for the Southland Times. Her poetry column, Scanning the South was published for over 15 years.  


Southland Boys' High School, of which Lynley is archivist, was founded in 1881 and she is creator/curator of its museum. The museum was the result of a concept scribbled on a shopping list by Lynley - and a lot of financial support from the Old Boys. Lynley is a true 'Invercar-girl', still living there with husband Russ on a bushy birded acre.  She is frequently a 'roadie' for her husband's various bands and fortunately loves all music except country and western.  She thrives on communication with her two sons, one stepson and three stepdaughters - and the fledgling communication with her grandchildren.  Lynley loves the Catlins coast, gardening, Art Deco, and on T.V., Downton Abbey, Grand Designs and Amazing Spaces.  She is usually reading several books simultaneously and so has a very good supply of bookmarks.  


In 2014 Lynley received the Inaugural Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts of Southland as a Poet, Novelist, Columnist, Educator, Historian and Archivist.

In 2016 Lynley received a Queen's Service Medal (QSM) in the Queen's Birthday Honours List for services as an author and to historical research.





Look Over My Shoulder - (with John Husband) Published by Craigs 1997


The Catlins Collection - Published by Morepork Press 1998


Reach for a Poem - Published by Morepork Press 2008


Scanning the South - 15 years of a poetry column published by the Southland Times



Books for children

Furry Friends - Published by Cadbury's Chocolate 1990


The Terribly Tired Try Anything Tuatara - Published by Craigs 2003


Henry the Southern Man Tuatara - Published by Craigs 2005



Local History books

Invercargills Civic Theatre 1906 - 2005 - Published by I.C.C. for the Southland Sesquicentenary


The Invercargill Book - Published 2005 by Morepork Press


Landscapes and Landmarks - 30 articles for the Southland Times




Ithaca - Published by LRH, 2009


Poppy Boys - Published by Craigs, 2010, republished by Southland Museum, 2015


The Hollywood School of Dressmaking - published by Open Book, 2015

A Stitch in Time - published by Open Book, 2017

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